CallRecorder Full v1.2.4

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    CallRecorder Full v1.2.4


    This program records phone calls from the phone line on some phones !

    CallRecorder Full v1.2.4

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    This program records phone calls from the phone line on some phones. Such recording is not usually available out-of-the-box, it needs hardware support in your OS kernel and root access. If you have an HTC device, you're in clover if you've got a custom ROM. Otherwise, please visit the xda site, there're plenty.

    Basically any device is supported, provided that it's based on a Qualcomm chip, say, their Snapdragons, etc. If your device has no such support, the program still records phone calls, but you need to select Android API in preferences and the recording will most likely proceed from the mike, not from the line. Please feel free to make any comments or send suggestions.
    The list of supported devices

    • HTC Desire
    • HTC HD2
    • Google Nexus One
    • HTC Desire HD
    • HTC Desire Z
    • HTC Desire S
    • HTC Incredible S
    • HTC Thunderbolt
    • HTC Sensation
    • HTC EVO 3D (CDMA)
    • HTC Hero
    • HTC Wildfire
    • Acer Liquid mt
    • Dell Streak
    • ZTE Blade
    • HighScreen Cosmo
    • Acer Liquid
    • Sony Ericsson XPERIA ray
    • Sony Ericsson XPERIA arc
    • Samsung Galaxy S II X (SGH-T989)
    Requires the kernel with 2-way call recording patch and ROOT permissions

    Use standard API for recording (may record from the mic):

    • Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II (Doesn't work on Android 4 ICS, Preferences: Audio source - voice uplink, and voice downlink when BT headset is connected(it will record only other side, but it's better then nothing))
    What's in this version: (Updated Jun 2, 2012)

    • bug fixes
    • Exclude favorites from screen with all recordings (Preferences->Appearence)
    • warning about low space
    • in-call control in notification for Android 4 ICS
    • added "rescan folder" button into menu
    • translation to Serbian
    • translation to Dutch
    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Screenshots :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download : 1.3Mb APK


    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

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