Sportspiele Big Sport Fishing 3D v1.35 Full

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    Big Sport Fishing 3D v1.35 Full
    Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
    Overview: An exciting new 3D Fishing Game only on Android. Just flick your wrist to cast.
    This is the full version of Big Sport Fishing. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views and stunning 3D graphics in this exciting new fishing game available only on Android!.



    As you move your phone, the games view changes so you feel like you're really there. Realistic 3D fish can be seen swimming beneath the waves when they are close and will often jump to give away their location when farther away. When you see a big one just flick your wrist to cast. Pull back on your phone to hook a fish and fight it as you reel in your catch. After you catch a fish you can take a picture to view later or share with friends!
    The full version has 10 locations.

    What's in this version:
    This update includes a link to the new Big Sport Fishing Expansion Pack, 'Big Night Fishing'
    The latest version now supports new fishing modes. Choose the location you want to fish or play without a time limit! You can also now keep the money and lures you have earned after you finish the game!

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