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    Remotely control your phone and PC! With AutoRemote you have full control of your phone, from wherever you are by sending push notifications to your phone and reacting to them in Tasker or AutoRemote standalone apps!
    Please don't leave negative feedback without contacting me first. I'll always do my best to help you, and I can't do that if I can't contact you.
    Fully automate your life with the following apps:
    - AutoRemote for Android (the app you're looking at now): also allows for remote URL opening and sharing with no need to have Tasker installed. Also allows for remote notifications that show up on your Android notifications bar.
    - Tasker for Android using AutoRemote as a plugin (http://goo.gl/RMig2)
    - AutoRemote standalone apps (RSS Feed: http://goo.gl/ogfZj; Page: http://goo.gl/3mFgz)
    - Zapier website: add hundreds of Conditions and Actions to Tasker in one go, including checking RSS feeds, sending emails without user interaction, checking your dropbox folders or sending google talk messages (http://goo.gl/JpthX)
    - AutoRemote for Windows: send and receive messages on your PC (http://goo.gl/82YJp)
    - AutoRemote for Linux: send any linux command and react to its response (http://goo.gl/VMkgw)
    - AutoRemote for Google Chrome: send links, pages or selections to AutoRemote (http://goo.gl/fclFN)
    - AutoRemote for EventGhost: send and receive messages to remote control your PC (http://goo.gl/Uqk7o ;video tutorial:http://goo.gl/ARIJ8)
    - AutoRemote direct URL messaging: send messages from anywhere with a simple URL (http://goo.gl/Snak5)
    - AutoRemote on iOS: Send commands from iOS shortcuts (http://goo.gl/WtjsL)
    Here's a must see video for anyone starting out with AutoRemote: http://goo.gl/RYCTh
    This is how it works:
    - Send an AutoRemote message from a web browser, your desktop, EventGhost, Chrome, Zapier, or any place where you can call an URL
    - Setup an AutoRemote profile in Tasker to react to the message
    - Do whatever you like with that message!
    Check out the Quickstart guide (http://goo.gl/OhZsg)
    Also, check out an awesome AutoRemote guide here: http://goo.gl/aNfuA
    With device-to-device or PC-to-device messaging, you can control one of your devices from another device or even from your PC! And with a Tasker plugin to send messages via AutoRemote, you can have full bi-directional messaging!
    Imagine requesting your phone's location and have it displayed in a map on your tablet or PC.
    You can also directly Share links or text to another device via the regular Share menu in Android! Imagine you are checking out a YouTube video on your phone, and directly open it on your bigger Tablet screen for better viewing!
    With AutoRemote you have advanced matching options and a flexible command system (see how it works here: http://goo.gl/PRQas). It works just like with joaomgcd's AutoBarcode app!
    See many use case examples here, including AutoRemote uses for saving lives and keeping in touch with your loved ones: http://goo.gl/3mFgz
    Possible uses for AutoRemote(all these uses are fully customizable. You are free to use any other words or commands):
    Can't remember where you put your phone? Create a lost-my-phone" command:
    You could send a "Where are you?" message to your phone, and have Tasker respond with a repetitive "I'm here! I'm here!".
    Let your wife send you a spoken shopping list when you get off work:
    You can use AutoRemote with other Tasker conditions, such as the Date and Time conditions. Create a "shop=:=" command and combine it with a 5PM condition. Then, share your personal AutoRemote URL with your wife and have her send stuff she needs you to buy like "shop=:=carrots and ice cream". Then, at 5PM your phone could say that list out loud: "You need to go shopping! You need to buy carrots and ice cream"
    Find my Phone:
    Send a "location" command and have your phone respond with its location via AutoRemote to another Android device, or simply SMS to any phone
    And many many more! Your imagination is the limit!
    Google Play Store


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