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Armageddon Riders Clutch - Unleashed

Dieses Thema im Forum "Archiv" wurde erstellt von khrachara, 11. Mai 2011.

  1. khrachara

    khrachara Ist gelegentlich hier

    12. April 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:

    Armageddon Riders Clutch - Unleashed

    Language: English | PC game | Developer: Targem Games | Size: 235.49 MB

    Genre: Driving
    onsidering the simplicity of its racing action, Clutch is more of a story-focused game than you might expect. The setting is near-future Europe, where an unexpected quantum catastrophe at the Large Hadron Collider (a gigantic particle accelerator due to open in late 2009) has turned most of the region's population into mush-brained mutants. As a racer named Clutch, you join a band of hoodlums called the Harvesters and attempt to discover the secrets of the Collider.
    There are no cutscenes or spoken dialogue; the tale is doled out entirely within journal entries displayed before story challenges. This isn't an engaging way of delivering a narrative (and some weird translation issues don't help), but you shouldn't take the game up on its offers to turn off journal entries. The images they conjure--a blind cult leader, human sacrifices--are bizarre and disturbing, and they create a vivid picture of a society driven mad by fear




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