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Android Calendar Dialer

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Archiv" wurde erstellt von angola_prison, 1. April 2013.

  1. angola_prison

    angola_prison Elite Lord

    11. Januar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Android Calendar Dialer_v1.7.1

    16. Januar 2013



    Now it is possible to dial directly from the built-in Calendar application on some devices.

    The Android Calendar Dialer is a utility for processing the data in the built-in Calendar's event location field. It permits telephone numbers with extensions, conference bridge numbers, passcodes, DTMF menu entry, etc. to be dialed with no text entry and very few clicks. See the Known Issues section and check out the screen shots to see just how simple it will make dialing into your next conference call!Android Calendar Dialer also filters out superfluous text from the event location, such as conference room locations, so that it's possible to just dial the number. It's not a replacement calendar - it's an intuitive app that handles numerous types of entries encountered in the Calendar's location field and let's you dial the phone number and extensions.Supported formats will typically have the dial-in number followed by any of the letters 'p' 'w' 'x', comma (,), semi-colon (;), or character strings such as "ext", or just about any other text. Pauses are automatically inserted between the number to dial and the digits to enter after the call has been answered. *** READ THIS - If your Calendar app does not allow you to select both the number to dial and the extension _simultaneously_ (both number and extension must be in a single link!), this app will NOT work on your device unless you a) launch the app from the (included) ACD-Today's Events icon, b) install a third-party Calendar app which does (see support site). or c) rely on the favorites feature by clicking on the passcode but then inserting the dial-in number from a stored favorite ***To make your life just a bit simpler, please explain to your meeting organizers that they must put the conference call dial-in numbers and passcodes in the meeting event location field because you are using the Android Calendar Dialer.Please submit comments, issues, or recommended language translations, to the developers. Use the "Diag Report" menu option to submit to the developer's email address directly from the application.
    Thanks and enjoy!Please also see Recent Changes.
    Known Issues:
    - User's Calendar should select all the necessary digits to dial (common on all Motorola devices encountered) OR the user must install an alternate calendar which does (our support site lists a couple of free ones that work). If it does not, store your dial-in number info as a favorite and prepend it to the passcode which you may click as a link in your calendar
    - Specific device support - see FAQ at developer site to learn how some devices are supported (via third-party calendar or favorites)
    - no support for devices running older versions of Android (pre-2.0)
    - the formats people are using for setting up meeting notices in Outlook/Google Calendar are like snowflakes, generally many formats have been tested and validated but numerous unknown combinations of letters/numbers/characters have not been validated. Contact the developer if you find one.

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