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    Android Accordion v1.6.1

    Google Play Store Link

    Enjoy, launch promotional price, 50% OFF
    It's now avaliable the virtual accordion that was missing on Google Play!
    Android Accordion is a complete accordion application for Android Tablets and Smartphones. Its highly customizable interface makes you able to fit it in your device screen in the best way, differently from the majority of the other accordion applications, where the layout isn't customizable at all.
    Adjust all the 41 keys and 80 basses in the best manner you prefer!
    Additionally, what about to record your own instrumentals to show them to your mates? With Android Accordion, this is possible and very easy to do!Android Accordion has High Definition accordion Samplers which were recorded from professional accordions in studio. It's fast, responsive and it uses your device screen in the best possible way.Resources:
    ✓ High Definition Samplers - Listen to the sound as in authentic Italian accordion.
    ✓ Recording and execution of your own instrumentals.
    ✓ Highly Customizable Layout - Set the size of the keys, basses and keyboard positions, disposition inclination of the basses, the distances between them, and other possibilities.
    ✓ Easy to use and intuitive controls to adjust the sound volumes, to show tips about notes and to set keyboard and basses scrolling.any suggestions , problems , contact me please! gilianp@gmail.comacordeon, piano accordéon, virtual accordion

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