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ADW/Apex/GO Glass Metal Blue

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Archiv" wurde erstellt von angola_prison, 22. März 2013.

  1. angola_prison

    angola_prison Elite Lord

    11. Januar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    ADW/Apex/GO Glass Metal Blue_v1.0

    22. März 2013



    *** Glass Metal Blue theme ***

    ** Works on following LAUNCHER apps **
    - Apex Launcher
    - ADW Launcher
    - Nova Launcher
    - Holo Launcher
    - GO Launcher** FEATURES **
    - High resolutions icons 144x144
    - Supports icon overlay. This means that if you use Nova, Apex, ADW, GO, Holo Launcher all of your icons will be themed no matter what!
    - Only the basic Phone and Google apps icons are replaced; but thanks to icon overlay feature all of your other icons will be themed too.
    - Around 30 icons to choose from in icon picker (works on all the above Launcher)
    - Works on Jelly Bean devices too.
    - 1 Wallpaper (Email me for wallpaper if you use Nova/Holo Launcher or you can simply use the free version of ADW/Apex/Go luncher to select the wallpaper and it will show on Nova/Holo too).
    - 2 Docks for ADW and GO Launcher (Apex launcher only has 1 dock available)
    - Custom slider indicator in GO Launcher** TO APPLY THE THEME **
    - Holo Launcher: Go to Launcher settings > Appearence settings > Icon pack > Select Glass Metal Blue Icon Pack
    - Apex Launcher: Go to Apex settings > Theme settings > Select Glass Metal Blue theme
    - Nova Launcher: Go to Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > Select Glass Metal Blue theme
    - ADW Launcher: Go to ADWSettings > Themes > Select Glass Metal Blue theme
    - GO Launcher: Go to Themes > Installed > Apply Glass Metal Blue theme** DOCKS NOTES **
    - 2 docks images are available fro ADW and GO Launcher ("ADW Settings > Themes > Customize Mix Themes" in ADW Launcher and "Preferences > Visual settings > Dock background > GO Theme background" in GO Launcher)
    - 1 dock image is available for Apex Launcher** ICON PICKER NOTES **
    - In Apex/Nova/Holo Launcher the appdrawer icon isn't themed automatically. You need to manually use the Icon Picker function (long click on icon > edit > click on icon image > select from icon packs > Glass Metal Blue theme) to select the appdrawer icon.** FOLDER NOTES **
    - Select manually the grid view style from your Launcher settings.
    - Select the no background folder option (only needed in Nova/Apex/Holo launcher); in ADW Launcher it is set automatically, but in case it's not working properly please select the "Hole" folder background manually.
    - Every Launcher has a different way to preview the folder icons in grid view. So the resulting view will depends on which Launcher you are using as explained below:
    - Only GO Launcher supports the folder icon background and overlay image, so that the folder icon can be skinned as the rest of the theme and has the same size of the normal apps icons.
    - ADW Launcher render the grid view in such a way that the resulting folder don't need a backround image to have the same size of the normal apps icons.
    - Apex/Holo Launcher render the grid view bigger than the normal apps icons.
    - Nova Launcher render the grid view smaller than the normal apps icons, but doesn't support a background image.** GO LAUNCHER NOTES **
    - For a nicer visual effect, I suggest you change the icon highlight color to match the theme Blue: go to Preferences > Visual Settings > Icons tab > Highlight color > input #7f0081ff** IMPORTANT GENERAL NOTES **
    - Some icons may not get skinned after applying the theme. You need to delete the icon from the home screen and add the icon again normally from the appdrawer.
    - In Nova Launcher icons can be resized only from 90% to 110% (other values may cause problems)
    - If you apply the theme and then increase the icon size it may cause some problems. If you face it, before increasing icon size apply the default launcher theme, resize icons, and then apply this theme.If you have any questions/comments or any requests at all simply email me at
    If there are any of your favorite apps icons which you think don't look good with the simple icon overlay, please send me an email and I'll add new custom icons to the theme.Keywords:
    apex, nova, adw, go, launcher, theme, skin, glass, metal, blue, icon, dock, wallpaper, shiny, glossy

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