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    2x Phone Performance Booster P_v1.2

    27. Dezember 2013


    [It is a paid professional version without advertisement.]
    2x Phone Performance Booster is a tool designed to resolve ourselves Android mobile device performance issue to improve the APP execution time performance efficiency.2x Phone Performance Booster is a wonderful and powerful Application Performance Enhancement Tool.
    It would not only provide you the memory or cache performance refinement.
    Do you also think why the Android Phone feel a little slowly or lazy response?
    If you also try to find a solution to resolve the situation you met,2x High Performance Booster should be the best APP you can find in the Android Market.
    This APP wouldn't just free your mobile device memory to empower your run-time environment.
    It support a smart launch time speed-up engine.
    If detect your chose APP running, it would analyze the foreground APP used memory resource and make the optimization decision to refine the memory/cache usage to speed up your APP running performance.
    Yes, you got the right solution to revolute the whole new user-experienced.
    This APP provide the following main features
    1, Smart detect the foreground runtime APP
    2, Make the optimization strategy by differently APP automatically
    3, Not only optimize the launch time memory, also analyze the following chose APP usage to enable the seamless high-performance user experience
    4, Run-Time Memory Graphical Diagram to show the current Free/User/Kernel Memory Status.
    5, Support "One Click Optimization" to release almost all available free memory
    2x Phone Performance Booster is a smart and active trigger performance enhancement tool.
    Trust us! It is the best No. 1 Android APP Launch Time and Memory Optimization tool you can find in the world!!!

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