1-Click Tether Pro No Root!

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    1-Click Tether Pro No Root!_v10

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    This application easily and quickly enables WiFi Tethering hotspot AP in 1-Click. The connection speed is accelerated.Use it to get Internet connection on Windows, Mac, another Android phone or tablet, Ubuntu, Wii, xBox live, PS3 and a lot more, everywhere. One of our users use it in the woods and dance with xBox live! What a wonderful portable party!
    You can customize your personal hotspot name and set the password to enhance security.
    Perhaps the world's lightest, cleanest and fastest app for launching WiFi hotspot. We have reduced the app size to almost nothing.
    It does NOT require root access.
    How to use it? Just click the application to start tethering. That's all.
    Important: If this works on your unrooted device, please don't accept system updates, otherwise there is a risk that this application will be banned and will not be compatible with your new system any more. The only solution then should be to root your beloved phone.
    Please read carefully before commenting. What this application does is exactly the same as what can be manually done as described here on the official Google help page:
    This application works just as a quick WiFi hotspot launcher.
    Its purpose is to avoid and replace the standard manual configuration, which requires at least 5 clicks everytime you need to start WiFi tethering, which might also ask you to enter some text to configure the WiFi hotspot.
    If you use this application, you only need one click without entering anything, unless for the first time you might want to change the WiFi hotspot name and set your password for a secured connection.
    We have tested it mainly with European carriers. It works on most devices with Android 2.2 or higher.
    We cannot garantee that your external device will finally get Internet connection from your phone, because it is really carrier or device specific. Please do not give it a bad rate if it doesn't work. Thanks:)
    If you are unable to open an Internet connection, there are several possible reasons:
    1. Your operator doesn't support WiFi tethering and blocks it on purpose.
    2. Your phone's 3G connection is too weak.
    3. Your system ROM had been modified by the manufacturer
    4. You don't have a data plan on your SIM card

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