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Wii BackUp Manager 0.3.8 2016-08-05

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|-Fixed: Sometimes the cover downloads would only download to the cache instead of the configured folders.
|-Changed: Default renderer is software again. Just in case there's any problems initialising OpenGL or Direct3D.
|-Changed: Export template code. Have a look at my example templates to see the changes and all the valid variables. Now supports multiple pages and covers etc.
|-Added: Option "Use cover cache". When disabled, WBM behaves just like the loaders, where you can download missing covers only. The display will only use covers that already exist too.
|-Added: When a cover can't be downloaded to the cache, the display uses whatever it can find in the cover folders.
|-Fixed: A weird problem on FAT32 when renaming or updating the storage convention. The "Ō" character was somehow classed as the same as "O". I'm still not sure why it happened because I can't reproduce it, but now the files and folders are moved in 2 steps. First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups.
|-Fixed: The custom titles file was always saved to the app folder instead of the location in the settings.
|-Fixed: After selecting the custom-titles.txt location, the filename was set to titles.txt, instead of custom-titles.txt.
|-Fixed: The path to the file was wrong when using a custom folder.
|-Fixed: Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don't support it.
|-Added: New variables to use in the paths %APPDRIVE% (eg. "F:") and %LOCALTEMP% (eg. "C:\Users\fig\AppData\Local\Temp")
|-Fixed: When the WiiFlow config was selected, front covers weren't downloaded to the cache (For display) when the full cover exists.
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