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SifTeam Enigma2 - flash fersion for 9000HD 2016-08-07

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SifTeam Enigma2 - flash fersion for 9000HD

SifTeam Enigma2 - flash fersion for 9000HD OK, this one is tested and working...

This release is based on the same version of usb stick (0.1.0) but working on flash.
In this first beta var space is very very little because we have used only jffs2 compression method,but we want to release for people that have problems to install it on usb stick.
to allow users to modify some files (that with jffs2+squashfs are in read only) such as var/etc/init.d/rcS to start some scripts,like cam,hdparm etc etc.
If you want to recover some var space delete picon dir and second skin "Vader".
I think that someone make a little script to move var on usb in a simple way*

There is a display bug for ipbox900hd release (we will fix in the next release)

To flash your stb use: rename firmware in usb_update.img and use usb stick with standard flash method . For ipbox9000 you can also use Flashtools and usb cable
set bootargs in this way:

setenv bootargs console=ttyAS1,115200 panic=3 root=/dev/mtdblock3 rootfstype=jffs2 rw bigphysarea=10240 ip= .255.0 mem=128m coprocessor_mem=4m@0x10000000,4m@0x10400000 is my lan ip is my serveripaddress (you can set standard value,it's not important) is my gateway ip (my router) this is netmask

that's all
Thanks to all Sifteam staff
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