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OE 2.0 Images SIM 2.1 OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800 with gstreamer 1.6.0 SSL #84d by gjstroom 2016-08-15

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OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800 with gstreamer 1.6.0 #ssl84d

Due to popular demand.

This image is a 100% build image from OpenPLi source, it uses 20131228a drivers.
You can use 100% safe the update function, this image uses it's own custom feeds.
Also included a display blanking patch when zapping (no longer a freezed image during zap).
Check the Openpli Oe Core history for updates. You can find all Enigma2 changes here.

source: 20151003
drivers: 20131228a with 20130607 bcm7401
bootloader: ssl84d
size: 49.6 mb

standard bootlogo

No additional plugins installed, use the plugins menu and download with the green button.


Image flashing:
Be sure you have SSL84 on your box, if you get the "INVALID IMAGE (OR OLD VERSION)" error, flash SSL84 first and try again.
If your box is already at SSL84x you can flash the image immediately, the new SSL84d is included in the image !
Internet Explorer (recommended)
Powercycle after flashing

OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800 #ssl84d:


[note 1:] To adjust the remote sensibility go to: menu - system - input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms
Press green button (OK)

Note2: At the moment dropbear (ssh access) does not work !
This fixes it:

root@dm800:~# rm /dev/null
root@dm800:~# mknod /dev/null c 1 3
root@dm800:~# /etc/init.d/dropbear start
Starting Dropbear SSH server: dropbear.

Note3: Not all wifi and dvb-t drivers are included in the feed.
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