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Tools NFI-imagetools version 2.0 plugin 2016-09-04

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NFI-imagetools version 2.0 plugin -only for oe2.0 images original and sim2 dreambox

The plugin manages all what the users need about the nfi images without using multiboot agent or other complicated plugins
also it is very simple although provides tools for advanced users.
The tools included :
-Flash image backup
-Flashing the image directly without network or serial cables
-Download image from popular teams feeds
-Extract the image to any external device
-Build the image again

The scripts based on tutorials by dreamoem members,code of image flashing and backup based on dFlash by gutemin,binaries from latest dFlash and barryallen

just copy the attached package to box tmp directoy and by telnet

opkg install /tmp/*.ipk

Backup flash image:
take complete backup of flash image,user is able to watch current channel only
The flash image ssl integrated with the backup
Flash image:
user is able to flash the backup image again,or the image downloaded from the image teams servers
Extract image:
to extract image nfi on external device without running it
Build image:
The user is able to build image again after adding files or make changes,the built image can be flashed directly to the box again
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