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x86_64-pc-linux MultiCS r100-rc13 Not Public - Broken Arrow - xDecrypt-Digital-Technologies™ - 35fd5ed38100930083650 RC13

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1. details for this version of multics :

------- unlimited servers -------
------- unlimited users -------
------- improved advanced parallelize system -------
------- advanced speedup system -------
------- advanced threads protection system -------
------- loadbalance for servers improved (specially for big amount of servers) -------
------- many bug fixes and enhancements, iptables, design, skipcwc and others ... ------------
------- fixed bugs from test version rc02 ---------
------- fixed standard servers removing by editor causing faults (important for auto-exchanges) --------
------- fixed cacheex servers removing by editor causing faults (important for auto-exchanges) --------
------- possible to build one strong multics with very strong cache, with unlimited amount of N lines and users and profiles ---------
------- added NDS SMARTFILTER for 09C4 and 098C (rc06) ---------
------- fix for NDS SMARTFILTER (rc07) --------
------- added more debug for NDS SMARTFILTER (rc08) --------
------- fix for ecmlist (rc08) --------
------- improved servers/clients connection stability to avoid reconnections (rc08) ---------
------- improved ecm handling to better speed (rc08) --------
------- added multi function button to Servers page (rc08) --------
------- added AES256 config file encryption (rc08) --------
------- added Parameters page for parameters not possible to set on other pages - now there parameters for Servers (rc08) ---------
------- added buttons disconnected and disabled to Newcamd, Mgcamd, CCcam and CS378X pages (rc09) ---------
------- added possibility to AUTO DISABLE SERVERS on 0% and <10% ECM OK (rc09) --------
------- added possibility to reset servers stats counts on Server Page (by button on Parameters Page) (rc09) --------
------- added LOADBALANCER options, fastest server first, VALIDECMTIME cycles (rc09) ---------
------- added RECONNECTION options, monitoring fast reconnections from servers and possibility to disable these users (rc09) --------
------- added oscam.fakecws file support (rc09) ---------
------- added advanced licensing (rc09) --------
------- fixed issue 8s reconnecting of mgcamd and ccccam client / server (rc10) ----------
------- if you will have this issue with server line added, the opposite it's incompatible bad compiled version of multics ----------
------- this issue seems as common on a lot of versions of multis's ---------
------- core tunning to maximum speed performance (rc10) ---------
------- fixed big issue - cache not serve full list of profiles (only <= 31) - now value raised to 200 profiles (rc10) ----------
------- this issue seems as common on a lot of versions of multis's --------
------- added possibility to test 7days for every new version (rc10) ----------
------- added possibility cache identification to mask as HB32 (rc10) ----------
------- improved security (rc10) --------
------- fixed SID's DENY - added SID DENYLIST option and SID PRIORITY (rc10) ---------
------- added tunning for max_csports, sharelimits and cache_value by start parameters (rc10) ---------
------- many bug fixes (rc11) -------
------- added support for tunneled betacrypt / nds (rc12) --------
------- fixed cccam share ports more like 22 --------
------- added advanced option to SMART FILTER to block dcw's 09c4 from old versions and untrusted versions (rc13) --------
------- added new parameter for blocking of Multics HB versions 33 and above, because of bad dcw caches abuse and untrusted users's security (rc13) --------
------- stability tested on 1763 server lines and 3541 / per port newcamd clients and 47 profiles ----------

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