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Tools DM800 SIM2.00 upgrade to SIM2.01 2016-09-04

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this is a translation from the chinese site.

DM800 SIM2.00 upgrade SIM2.01 Tutorial
Click here to download the SIM200 to sim201 upgrades

DM800's core encryption technology in the SIM card, high imitation of the DM800's series, SecondStage Bootloader also from # 69 to upgrade to # 75, SIM technology is also from SIM1 to upgrade to SIM2.01, Here is the new mine e-DM800, SIM card upgrade notes, can be determined from the following events whether to upgrade your SIM card. SIM2.00 upgrades, SIM2.01 to enjoy all the features of later versions of the changes if there is, SIM2.01 would like this as an upgrade patch, DM800 IMG use the latest version of the software.

2009.01.01 --- 2009.07.20 SIM1 plastic white card, the new mine users have a free replacement is completed
2009.07.20 --- 2009.10.17 SIM2.00 white cards, there are dots in Figure silver security logo, the latest available version of the original # 72. SIM2.01 can now upgrade to
2009.07.20 --- now SIM2.01 white card, square gold security signs, one machine a MAC, the latest is # 75
2009.07.20 --- "Now SIM1 yellow card, square silver color security signs, for the # 72 cheaper models to use, can not be upgraded using the new software needs to re-purchase

Programs before the upgrade need to make sure:
1. Your SIM card is white with silver dot anti-counterfeiting marks (Figure 1), it is recommended that you do not upgrade operation.
2. The upgrade process, due to a computer or a phoenix smart card device information is wrong, will result in escalation of risk of failure, in principle, can return to factory upgrades, but customers need to pay the freight back and forth

The upgrade process:
Download a good SIM200 to sim201 upgrades in preparation for Huang Huang smart card device (3.57 or 3.68), with a computer COM port.
Looking for blank phone SIM great Kaka sets on the back of transparent tape affixed to SIM2.00 paste according to the gap. (Figure 2)

Phoenix inserted the card to write card, connect a computer COM port. (Figure 3)

Point reset button, test the card is plugged in, and whether SIM2.00 card. (Figure 4)

Determined, that this has already detected SIM card, click the upgrade operation. (Figure 5)
Clicked, there will be a re-written cards plug Power Supply, and then click OK. Pay attention to, without the written card from the device inside the card out.

Showed a normal upgrade the state. (Figure 6)

After the upgrade will be prompted to upgrade is complete, so that you can plug the card back to the receiver DM800. SIM201-75 family of upgraded all the software. (Figure 7)

If the upgrade process occurred "card error", need to re-operation of reset and then continue to repeat the above work, until you are prompted to upgrade to complete. (Figure 8)

The cards will be prompted to upgrade is complete, this is not the original manufacturer SIM2 card or the wrong version, this card has truly upgraded to the surface of the SIM2.01. (Figure 9)

This program is set to be completed three SIM2.00 a complete upgrade. (Figure 10)

Procedures for detection of SIM version of the newly added features, shown in Figure 11/12

Upgraded DM800, can be any brush following the latest version of the Chinese software # 75.
DM800 second-generation Chinese version of the software to download SIM201
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