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OE 2.0 Images Ferrari 500HD Ferrari (@AWAi) mips32el python2.7 2014 May 11 VX-3 2016-08-19

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500HD Ferrari (@AWAi) mips32el python2.7 2014 May 11 VX-3

- Latest E2 code

- fixed default skin missing ../icons

- Fixed DTS downmix

- Fixed streaming issues

- System extensions and parts updated

- Feeds up to date

- Fixed recording

- Fixed partitionig of large USB sticks

- Fixed intro wizard

- New skins: MintPrint and Blueprint

- Reduced flash footprint

- Kernel fixes

- Lot of small-misc changes


This is sort of 'proof of concept' release, 'experimental' attribute is too generous, so beware

Initial boot might also take few minutes as hw nand check is done, subsequent are normal.
- misc skin fixes
- esthetics in PB software manager
- today's e2 code
- removed 2MB of fonts, some skins will be unhappy
- unify keymap for new and old RC
- add teletext section for old RC
- USALS and tuner fixes
- boxtype for hbbtv
- fix downloader for some https issues
- latest E2 code fixes
- feeds updated
- E2
- ssl 84
-feeds up to date
- mips32el, python 2.7x compatible (or in popular terms - OE 2.0/PLi 3-4)
- newer gcc, custom kernel and matching drivers
- latest E2 code
- fixed DTS downmix
- fixed streaming issues
- system and extensions parts updated
- feeds up to date
- fixed partitionig of large USB sticks
- fixed intro wizard
- new skins: MintPrint and BluePrint
- reduced flash footprint
- kernel fixes
- lot of small-misc changes
- on line updates
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