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Datenbase: New Openvix-3.0.678-gb800ue_usb-Stand 04.06.2013

New Openvix-3.0.678-gb800ue_usb-Stand 04.06.2013

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New Openvix-3.0.678-gb800ue_usb-Stand 04.06.2013

04/06/2013 - OpenViX 3.0-678

From VIX Team




openvix: build 678
[PositionerSetup] revert last fix, as Transponder has now been fixed.
[Transponder] return 0 Mhz if no value has been passed to human convertor.
[GetEcmInfo] fix possible BSOD.
openvix: build 677
openvix: build 676
[Transponder] change human convertor to show Frequency in Mhz.
[Translations] RU updated; thanks Sowa
[InfoBarGenerics] fix possible BSOD.
openvix: build 675
[TimeShift] tweak how autostart timeshift is started.
[InfoBarGenerics] add some key press debugging info.
openvix: build 674
[PluginBrowser) fix support for SoftwareManger.
openvix: build 673
[frontend] change identification of vuplus DVB-S2 tuners to reflect changed tuner names in drivers.
openvix: build 672
[mytest] remove debug info.
[Downloader] fix typo.
[opkg] close open files when finished with them.
[SoftwareUpdate] fix possible BSOD.
[SatPositioner] fix BSOD.
Update de.po
openvix: build 671
more use new "getMachineBrand, getMachineName" API's.
use new "getMachineBrand, getMachineName" API's instead of 'STB_BOX' way.
[InfoBarGenerics] make sure 2nd infobar closes before opening any other screen.
openvix: build 670
add support for 'getMachineBrand' and 'getMachineName' API.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
InfoBarGenerics: fix for unintended endless timer recordings.
frontend: change identification of VU+Ultimo DVB-S2 tuner to reflect changed tuner name in drivers.
replace_all: avoid recursive replace
openvix: build 669
fix configure typo.
add 'getMachineBrand' and 'getMachineName' API.
[piconbg] tweak picon background render.
[picon] fix default picon fallback.
[EpgSelection] fix possible BSOD in graphical.
[FanControl] increase default speed.
[keymap] add some button code for Venton remotes.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
Fix for getcachedsubtitle from servicedvb.cpp
Add timer the receiver shut down while in standby
[Translations] NL update
InfobarGenerics: Use serviceChanged instead of serviceStart
InfoBarGenerics: clear selected_subtitles both evStart and evEnd
iSubtitleOutput: move python stuff into swig wrappers
InfoBarGenerics: do not re-enable subtitles in __updatedInfo
InfoBarGenerics: clear selected_subtitles on evStart instead of evEnd
[EpgList] fix BSOD using text mode in GraphicalEpg.
AutoDiseqc - Fix for not found sats and GSODs
RecordTimer: fix (apparent) typo
[EpgSelection] remove delay for fast cup's.
[InfoBarGenerics] remove un-used code.
[ScreenSaver] add distro logo.
[Translations] RU updated; thanks Sowa
Configure EPG and Info buttons separately
[ServiceNumber] only show number if has been parsed.


[techno] enable nano support
[iqon] driver fix URL.
openvix: build 678
[iqon] driver update 2013-06-03
[3rd party plugins] Update
openvix: build 677
[enigma2-network-usb] add axis ax88179-178a
openvix: build 676
[enigma2-network-usb] update bitbakes.
[iqon] driver update 2013-05-30
[kernels] added some USB (wifi/lan) network modules.
[3rd party plugins] Update
micom upgrade only for HDx series
[egami] box name change
openvix: build 675
[enigma2-network-usb] add smsc75xx drivers to e2 plugin browser.
[ixuss] update machine/include/ixuss.inc
openvix: build 674
enable openx2 new drivers
openvix: build 673
[3rd party plugins] Update
openvix: build 672
fix typo 3rdparty
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
fix build azbox-enigma2-packages.bb again
[3rd party plugins] Bump pr
fix build error azbox-enigma2-packages.bb
[3rdparty] update
openvix: build 671
Fix ca driver about key setting, Change key map of Bq+/-, Volume down slightly, [HDE] fix ci path problem
[vuplus] correct machine names.
openvix: build 670
[openvix] bump bootlogo PR.
[ixuss] update drivers 29.5.2013
openvix: build 669
[3party-plugins]] PR bump.
add support for 'getMachineBrand' and 'getMachineName' API.
[openvix] update bootlogo's
[E3hd] uodate drivers 29.5.2013 [odinm7] update drivers 29.5.2013 bump tuxbox-common
[tuxbox] update satellites.xml
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
[tuxbox] update satellites.xml
[tuxbox] update satellites.xml
[tuxbox] update satellites.xml
[xp1000] fix build error
[ebox7358] fix ntfs and update drivers 28.05.2013
fix build gst xp1000
xp1000 switch to kernel 3.9.1
[3rd-party plugins] RTE-Player deleted, as it is part of the OnDemand plugin
disable nano support buggy drivers yet we wait for a update
[openatv] fix typo bootlogo/openatv-bootlogo.bb
[AZBox] Added aziptv plugin
[3rd party plugins] Update
[tmnano] add drivers 20.5.2013 only a workaround for new tuner model, we wait for new drivers for all models
[openatv] fix bootlogo techno and iqon
[techno/iqon] add standby patch [tmnano] add missing kernel patches
[tuxbox] update satellites.xml
[3rd party plugins] Update
[3rd party plugins] Update
[venton] hde ca driver improvments
add support TM Nano OE
[ebox5100} add drivers 11.05.2013
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
udev remove patch only for legacy kernels [ebox5100] add txtlcd support
[skins] build MatrixHD for feeds.
[venton] PiP on new RCU -> KEY_SCREEN
[e3HD] Update drivers 23.05.2013
fix typo in enigma2.bbappend break build vuduo
[odin] update drivers 23.5.2013
[openatv] add SFTP server support
add support ebox5100
multi plp dvb-t2 support, dvb-t2 support on 2nd slot on hd1+
Fix Azbox enigma2 support
fix rt8192cu for kernel 3.7 or newer
[AZBox] azbox-compat fix typo
[AZBox] azbox-enigma2-packages update
[AZBox] update azbox-dvb-tools
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/oe-alliance/oe-alliance-core
[AZBox] azbox-compat fix symlinks
[terrestrial.xml] updated Polish DVB-T
rl8192cu add missing 3.30 for legacy kernel
remove patch not needed after pli merge
Fix e2 creation

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