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23. June 2009, 09:19
Enigma2 sifteam 0.5.0 for 9000HD

release 0.5.0:
- fixed a bug on rebooting the system
- better CI cams handling
- support for upper and lower CI slots on the current live tuner, no more needs to put the cam only on the upper one http://www.sat-universe.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
- added new dvdplayer
- support for timeshift
- fixed alpha blending colour on images
- updated e2 cvs to 30/05/2009
- fixed fstab auto mounting for hdd
- vsftpd log on file disabled by default
- fixed a bit keymap for 250hd/200hd, audio subtitles now is mapped
- added autoload of epg (using myepg now the file will be loaded automatically at enigma2 restarts)
- some fixes on mediaplayer for some multimedia files
- many fixes all around for better stability, now i think most part of drivers are done
- updated arabic language

I know there are still some bugs that sometimes break our balls too much, but i'm trying to solve all, just wait and hope
the funniest thing is finding those bugs

I would like to thank all people around Enigma2 for cuberevo, many teams are making really great stuff, i like how cuberevo
community is going on, i think this is the spirit our box should be!
I would like also to thank people making really great plugins, we will win all together!
See you on next release.

Download (http://www.digital-eliteboard.com/satulc/showthread.php?p=10470#post10470)