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27. November 2008, 12:48

Neues Emu Backup von sataid.

Best used with a Motorised setup set, using the DISEqC 1.2 option.

To load the image, open QBox Updater and click Restore Backup,
when re-booting the QBox use the rocker switch on the rear of the receiver to turn it off, and then wait for a minimum of 30 seconds before turning back on.

There will be a delay of approx 1 minute, after the boot logo has been displayed, before you get any activity on your TV, so just be patient.

The default satellite is: Astra 1 [19.2e]
BBC World is the default channel on startup.

All satellites from 57 east to 43 west are covered.

Selecting Emu's:
First click the Blue button then click on Emustarter 1.1
to access Conax click on the Red button or highlight and click UNDERW

For DigiTV, Pr*****e, Polsat etc, just click on the Blue button in Emustarter, or highlight and click Cccam

To activate the Emu without waiting, go directly back into the Emustarter options, and highlight and click ENIGMA, after a short pause it will restart using the selected Emu.

How To select Pr*****e Direkt channels, simply view the Pr*****e Direkt Portal channel, and press the green button, more info regarding this can be found here: