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19.10.2011, 22:33
Facebook Wall Script 3.0 with PHP and Jquery

Facebook wall script with expanding URLs one of the popular post on 9lessons. It is just collaboration of my previous jquery articles. Recent days I received lots of requests from my readers that asked to me how to display old updates. So that I have decided to release new version with user control support. This script very easy to install few lines of code changes, take a quick look at following steps


Das Script ist mal echt der hammer :emoticon-0178-rock:,
aber nur mit kleinen umbauten. Aber das seht ihr schon!!!

nicht für anfänger geeignet,

download -> 45125 <-

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Download CSS update replace following css class on css/wall.css

margin-left: 45px;
min-height: 40px;
word-wrap: break-word;
overflow: hidden;
padding: 3px;
display: block;
font-size: 11px;
width: 340px;